No bullshit

No bullshit

That’s how we aim to do business, that’s how we aim to lead your change management.

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Don’t count on us to hide stuff from your employees; we will help you to build trust, to communicate difficult messages and to implement the changes your business needs.

What we have learned from leading several large projects that had significant impacts on processes, employees, and the ways of doing business, is that resorting to boring stories that nobody will believe (bullshit) is just counterproductive. It is always better to follow this simple rule:

·       If you don’t know, just admit that you don’t know.

·       If you know, tell the truth, using the right words.

When you recruit employees, you will certainly want to hire the best talents available to ensure your company’s success, and we believe those employees will easily see through any non-transparent methods or obvious lies, thus resulting in a breach of trust and a disengagement from the employees.

As a leader in a changing organization, as a sponsor of a change occurring in your company, you will need to speak up, to be the change you want to see in your company, and to make it happen.

We can help you to achieve change smoothly, in a limited amount of time and with limited resistance. We will help you to prepare your important communications, but we won’t talk for you: you are the leader people want to hear in your organization.

Are you a leader? Are you not convinced about our “No Bullshit” approach?
Just contact us and we will gladly :

–          send you our whitepaper;

–          offer you a coffee and a chance to chat in our offices.

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