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ChatGPT Training

Learn to master ChatGPT to enhance your interactions and automate tasks. As a change management consultant, I assist in adopting these technologies and integrating them into your projects and internal communications.


  • 1-hour talk: Ideal for large audiences or lunch breaks.
1h awareness talk
  • 3-hour workshop: Practical workshops for creating customized GPT models tailored to professional needs.
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced

Objectives: Understand the basics, create effective dialogues, and use ChatGPT in real-world project management and communication scenarios.

Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence

The training, lasting approximately 3 hours, is divided into two parts:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: We cover the basic concepts of AI, associated biases and risks, and concrete examples of using ChatGPT in various sectors, including communication, change management, and marketing.
  2. Practical Workshop: Participants work in subgroups to create custom GPT models tailored to their professional needs. For example, in the last session, participants developed:
  • A content generator for internal communication.
  • A tool for creating Instagram descriptions, including hashtags, based on photos and account strategy.
  • Applications to facilitate communication in a restructuring company.
  • A brainstorming tool to analyze and improve submitted ideas.
  • Interview preparation: Creating a GPT that generates interview questions from the job description and the candidate’s CV.
  • Documentation and procedures: Developing a GPT to create procedures and documents from a brief and a defined format.

The goal is for participants to leave with a clear understanding of what generative AI can bring to their daily work and functional, customized GPT tools.

This training format is designed to fit into a half-day session, and the cost will be communicated via email at the next stage.

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As a change management consultant based in Mons, Brussels, and active in Wallonia, I assist you in adopting these technologies, showing you how to integrate them into your projects and internal communication. My training programs stand out with concrete examples and practical workshops, ensuring an in-depth understanding and immediate application of the acquired knowledge.

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